The school system does not prepare the children for the future.

The average child has the potentials but does not get to make a significant change in the world around him/her.

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What Make Us Special?

The Child’s Play Arena is a community of world changers who are first, self-leaders and then they are able to impart the world with what they have and with the power of who they are.

Our Cardinal Principles

Concept – we create the most efficient concept of life and living. We are grounded in the principles that have achieved results from time immemorial and are sure to achieve results in years to come
Capability – we build capability, empowering them to conceptualise and deliver exceptional results
Citizens – we turn participants into citizens, giving them the right sense of ownership and responsibility. Seeing themselves and change agents and being focused on making the world a better place
Capacity – taking responsibility to multiply the capacity of everyone around them.

Meet Our Team

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Our Vision

Raising a new breed of individuals who would be committed to making their world a better place

Our Mission

We leverage the tools of teaching, coaching and mentoring to help children become exceptional leaders, first of themselves then of others whom they would eventually make leaders..

Why work with us?

The Child’s Play Arena is the most formidable community that exposes your children to mentoring, coaching and teaching that prepares them for the real world ahead of them.

Our goal is to empower children and encourage them to the great heights that cannot come from anywhere else aside from within them. So, we focus on helping them reach deep within and manifest their geniuses.

The community focuses on creating the right platforms that offer fast, fun and sure ways of breaking through limiting beliefs, and living more effectively to create and live an exceptional life.

The methods are time-tested across various industries for three decades to show real results in brain performance, confidence, and overall enjoyment of living, loving, learning and leaving a legacy.

We have divided life into 8 areas

Health and wellness, academics, finance, career and profession, relationships, contribution and service, spirituality and personal growth.


Our Structure

We have researched extensively, and designed a workable curriculum to maximize efficiency, productivity and impact in each area of life. We have deployed these to train every child registered on our platform.

The Assembly

Every registered child has access to the Assembly. This is where the teaching takes place. The children are taught on these areas of life and given tools they can work on and implement by themselves.

The stage

This is where coaching takes place. Children are coached using the teaching they have received in the Assembly.

The ring

This is where mentoring takes place. Children are assigned to mentors who show them the way to live life and achieve their goals.

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